Farmer's Rush

CanJam 2014 #CanJam2014
08/03/2014 - 09/03/2014
24 Hours
Oppression and Beautiful
Farmer's Rush
Farming, 2D

The Game

In Farmer's Rush you must tend to your crops while battling the ever growing tide of weeds.

You can buy new land next to yours to be able to grow even more crops but must battle the weeds before they spread and wipeout your crops.

Who needs Source Control?

We do apparently. Having battled with Git through all of our jams using Unity we decided to look into another method of working as a group. Instead of using source control we would each work in our own projects, then export our work and connect it together on a central machine.

This method did actually work quite well, it stopped merge conflicts and the potential data loss that they would sometimes bring. This came really from a misunderstanding of Git and the correct flow with Unity really and we wouldn't advise using this method in reality.

Worked On By

Jordan Bird

Lincoln, UK

Ashley Blake-Hood

Kent, UK

Peter Keen

Cambridge, UK

Matthew Moore

Conisbrough, UK