Child's Whisper

ScareJam 2013 #ScareJam
18/10/2013 - 21/10/2013
3 Days
Loss and Important Sounds
Child's Whisper
Story, Scary, VR

The Game

Taking inspiration from other 'walking simulator' games we wanted to create a tense horror experience as opposed to using jump scares.

The idea was to have the player control their in-game blinking using either the trigger buttons on a controller or the left and right mouse buttons. This mechanic would be active from the start of the game but would become important once the player had progressed so far through the game.

Blinking as a Mechanic

Using VR for the first time we wanted to come up with a mechanic that we thought would make a good use of the technology. With the player's vision being dependant on the view of the VR headset we thought blinking would be an interesting mechanic to pursue.

The player would periodically blink and once they had progressed so far into the game they would need to try and not blink completely by 'blinking' one eye and not the other.


Having still not learned from Space Race and Untitled we set out on building a full narrative experience in a weekend.

We had another repeat of getting a lot of functionaliy into the game but only getting to connect a few of the systems. We were also missing a great deal of content.

One thing we did learn however was to start using the idea of 'stretch goals'. Although the game was built with VR fully in mind we were cautious in commiting to it completely in case any issues arose.

We made sure the game was completely playable like a normal desktop game at all times.

Worked On By

Jordan Bird

Lincoln, UK

Ashley Blake-Hood

Kent, UK

Peter Keen

Cambridge, UK

Matthew Moore

Conisbrough, UK