Shooty Dooty Roo

7DFPS 2013 #7DFPS
10/08/2013 - 17/08/2013
7 Days
Shooty Dooty Roo
FPS, Zombie, Survival

Jamming to Learn

We weren't entirely sure we were going to have a game at the end of this jam due to how few of us were able to participate or dedicate time to this jam. So we decided we'd jam with just the hope of learning and if we ended up with a game that would be an extra bonus.

Our past two games had all been 3D and Shooty Dooty Roo was no exception, thus far we hadn't used any animations so we set one of our goals to learn how to animate with Unity.


Surprising ourselves we managed to create our most complete game to date. While it wasn't our best looking (our artist wasn't able to participate) we had a functionally complete game with a real flow from start to finish.

Worked On By

Jordan Bird

Lincoln, UK

Ashley Blake-Hood

Kent, UK